Kit Includes
1) 6" 7" or 9" Monitor w/stand & Remote
2) Camera(s) w/ magnetic & hard mount
3) 60' & 20' Cables w/ watertight connectors
4) 6 pcs adhesive cable clips
5) External A/V Adaptor
6) Hardwire Power Adaptor (not pictured)
7) 1500mA A/C Power Adaptor (not pictured)
8) 12v Power Adaptor (not pictured)

Part #: DMAC-6M, 7M or 9M
The display system for the DM AgCam is a custom-built 6", 7" or 9" wide TFT Color monitor. 7" and 9" models come equiped with a built in TV Tuner, although the 7" monitor is available in a non-tuner version for commercial applications for an alternate choice to the non-tuner 6" monitor.
TFT technology is the newest flat screen technology available. Unlike a regular LCD monitor, the TFT allows a viewer to see accurate and clear images from a wide viewing angle to the monitor. 
The AgCam monitors high quality screen will reproduce DVD and other video sources in a standard 4:3 screen size or 16:9 wide screen (wide screen only applies to the 7" and 9" monitors) Adjustable screen aspect ratio lets the user chose the right size and shape for their application. The reverse feature of the monitor allows for an accurate rear vision system, just like a rear view mirror the operator can use the AgCam for backing up trailers, campers and many other view interrupted equipment. 
All monitors feature 2-camera capabilities. Switching from one camera to another is available with an A/V (audio/video) button on the front of the monitor or the handy credit card sized remote control. The monitor is specially wired to accept the single wire hookup to the AgCam cameras with a sealed, watertight, twist lock connector. Also included in every kit is an adapter for use on an external video source such as DVD or VCR (A/V adaptor). To allow for easy hookup, the only power source required is a single A/C adapter or cigar lighter adapter for both camera(s) and monitor (kit includes A/C power adaptor, cigarette lighter power adaptor and hardwire power adaptor). The monitor can also be wired into a vehicle wiring harness with the hardwire power adaptor to an accessory on circuit


Part #: DMAC-C1
1) 100% waterproof triple o-ring sealed housing
2) Solid aluminum housing
3) Exclusive auto shading lens
4) Automatic infrared illuminators
5) 20lb pull mounting magnet
6) Low profile adjustable mounting bracket
7) Stainless steel hex head screws

The DM AgCam uses a unique camera that has been engineered to withstand most harsh environments with ease and reliability. Featuring a completely waterproof housing, rated at IP69, an advanced 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCTV imaging sensor with 420 lines of resolution and twin color/black & white immaging boards this camera be used in a variety of situations producing excellent results. The real beauty of the camera system is its ability to easily migrate from one application to another, using a single wire hookup and a strong magnet.
The color portion of the camera is a very low light imager sensitive to below .5 Lux, and the 12 built in infrared emitters will illuminate a path for the infrared sensitive Black and White image board for viewing in total darkness. The camera will allow for immediate transfer from a bright lit to very dark environment without any interruption in high quality picture. The front of the camera features an exclusive photochromatic lens with auto darkening properties, which, even when at its darkest, is invisible to the infrared emitters, allowing the user to go from bright sunlight, to complete darkness with no sacrifice of quality or sharpness. This is the same glass used in the most expensive prescription glasses and is an exclusive of the AgCam system. In very bright sunlight the glass darkens and in the low light it becomes clear. This is a feature, which allows the user to see high quality images even looking directly into the sun. Finally, the camera housing is an extremely strong, waterproof, solid anodized aluminum housing with all natural rubber O-ring seals, mounted on top of a ceramic POT magnet which has a 20 Lb pull strength, it's low profile makes it easy to find an appropriate mounting location.
Custom lens cameras are also available to increase your field of view or focal distance. Cameras need to be purchased with the custom lenses installed to ensure the integrity of the camera See our documentation page for a lens selection guide.

Part #: DMAC-EC20 & EC60
Each AgCam Kit includes a 20' and a 60' cable. Our silicone jacketed cables are very flexible, waterproof, oil resistant, video ready and shielded. The terminations are rubber sealed 5 pin connectors with a ΒΌ twist lock. Two different length cables are included in a standard kit for such applications as a tractor where there will be a quick disconnect at the hitch, or, an application where a shorter cable is desired. Lengths may be added at any time for a maximum of 160 feet (custom lengths are also available as an accessory). Our cables are among the least expensive on the market; yet maintain very high quality.
If you require lengths longer than 160 feet, you can use our accessory AgCam Balun video extenders, allowing users to utilize Cat5E cable and extend cable length up to 2500'.
Additional optional cable lengths include 10', 40' and 50'

AgCam Full Color Quad Processor
Kit Includes:
1) 1500 mA A/C adaptor
2) Hardwire Power Adaptor
3) Full Color Quad Processor

Part #: DMAC-Q
Standard features
  • Fully compatible with all AgCam and Ranch Hand components.
  • Independent title setting, up to 8 characters, for every channel.
  • Automatically detects unconnected channel, and skips that channel in auto-switch mode.
  • Single channel audio enabled.
  • Picture in picture function.
  • Split screen function.
  • Freeze individual camera function.
  • Video signal loss detection produces sound by built-in buzzer.
  • Independent bright, contrast, color and sharpness adjustments for every channel.
  • Provides VCR-IN to support 2x2 zoom-in and freeze function for playback.
  • Smart auto switcher, random sequence and dwell time are supported.
  • Full quad display at real time refresh rate (60 frames/sec).
  • No borders for full quad display.
  • Built in timer and title generator.
Quad will supply power to 4 cameras and output to standard TV or VCR using the RCA outputs on back and can be used without the AgCam system.