AG GCS100 Grade Control System
An economical grade control system delivering excellent performance in long range applications with adverse environmental conditions.

  • Designed for vehicles pulling scrapers or drainage machines requiring connection with a PT valve
  • Operates with a single rigid mast
  • Configures with the CB40 control box and the LR40 laser receiver


AG GCS200 Grade Control System
A mid-level grade control system that includes a digital elevation display.

  • Designed for vehicles with PT valves
  • Operates with a dual rigid mast or single electric mast
  • Offers survey and control modes
  • Configures with the CB60 control box and the LR410 laser receive



LR20 Laser Machine Display Receiver
The Spectra Precision® LR20 Laser Machine Display Receivers allow compact machines to achieve tighter tolerances without the need for a grade checker. Now smaller machines can be more productive while improving accuracy and saving material usage costs.

  • 8-in., 360-degree laser reception rovides increased working area and range
  • Polycarbonate housing and elastomer over molding provides rugged durability for years of reliable use
  • Super bright grade display with green "on-grade" LEDs provides superior depth/elevation indication 
    LR20 Laser Brochure


AG GCS300/400 Grade Control System
Advanced grade control systems offering multiple capabilities to growers or water management contractors.

  • Connects to almost all machine types and works with external control valves
  • Offers control, survey, and indicate modes
  • Operates with single or dual electric masts or survey configurations
  • Configures with the CB415 control box and your choice of the LR410 or SR300 laser receiver



LR30 & LR30W Laser Machine Display Receivers
The Spectra Precision® LR30 & LR30W Laser Machine Display Receivers are designed to be used as a stand-alone display receiver on grading and excavating equipment inc
luding: dozers, backhoes, excavators, scrapers, skid steers, and levelers.

  • Five channels of grade information plus directional out-of-laser beam indicator directs which way to move and get back in the beam
  • Three selectable accuracies meet job tolerances from rough grading to final finishing for maximum flexibility
  • Adjustable, ultra-bright LED with green on-grade display provides user selectable, easy-to-see display to match ambient lighting conditions
    LR30 Laser Brochure