Farm Works™ Stock software is designed for the modern livestock business that needs detailed livestock management records.  It is flexible to handle multiple animal identifications while tracking treatments, weanings, pedigrees, breeding, and animal movement.  Historical information for each animal is easy to find and the calendar provides the ideal solution to manage upcoming events.  Notes can be added to keep you organized while reports can be customized for viewing animal & herd performance, by-products, sales, and more.

  • Track an unlimited number of animal types such as cattle, hogs, dairy, sheep, goats, elk, horses, and more.
  • Maintain complete and detailed records and histories on livestock by individual or group.
  • Calendar area schedules vaccinations, testing, and breeding events.
  • By-products area allows you to keep detailed records on milk, eggs, wool, etc.
  • Import animals from text files (such as a spreadsheet).  Saves time by not having to enter your animals when first starting out.
  • Compatible with most scales for importing weight information.
  • Supports industry standard ASCII File formats to read in data including university scores such as EPDs.
  • Calculate feed conversions and cost per pound gained and sold (requires Mapping or Accounting).
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Farm Works™ Surface software is an analysis and design tool for use with the Trimble® WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution. Surface ensures the optimal placement of tile and surface drains in both surface and sub-surface drainage water management projects, helping to drain fields adequately and increase crop yields. Easily overlay other layers such as yield or soil types to help visualize the field from different perspectives.
  • Eliminate guesswork by calculating pipe sizes automatically based on terrain, depth, drainage coefficient, and more.
  • Utilize 3D modeling for each field, detailing the high and low spots.
  • Determine the various watershed zones of the field to assist with main, submain, and lateral pipe placement.
  • Enable flow arrows and tributary lines to assist with tracing the natural surface water flows.
  • Utilize drawing tools to tie laterals to mains, create parallel lateral spacings, and clip drainage lines.
  • Design planned guidance lines that follow terraces, boundaries, and other features.
  • Print out maps that include useful information such as drain lengths and the total amount of each material required.
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Farm Works™ Mapping is the industry’s leading desktop software that uses information gathered during the growing season to help you make smarter management decisions.  Data can be imported from most precision farming displays or entered manually.  Easily integrate other modules in the future such as accounting or water management to expand your software capabilities.

  • Manage fields, equipment, supplies, and personnel.
  • Maintain detailed equipment records.
  • Print a variety of maps and field record reports.
  • Compatible with a wide range of precision farming displays including Trimble, Case IH/New Holland, John Deere, Ag Leader, AGCO, CLAAS, and more.
  • Import yield data and compare it to varieties and other layers.
  • Create, edit, and manage guidance paths.
  • Design basic and advanced prescription maps.
  • Analyze profit maps to verify which parts of the fields are more profitable.
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Farm Works™ Accounting software helps manage your farm finances while providing a complete field record keeping system.   Compare production costs for each field, livestock group, structure, and machine in order to maximize profitability.  Easily integrate other modules in the future such as mapping or water management to expand your software capabilities.

  • Calculates cash and accrual general ledgers with single entry.
  • Allocate expenses and revenue for each field, livestock group, machine, and structure.
  • Import bank statement data to help find accounting mistakes, populate transactions without details, and reconcile the checkbook.
  • Utilize an interactive check register for editing transactions and printing checks.
  • Keeps family living costs separate from farm costs.
  • Print a variety of financial reports for taxes.
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Farm Works™ View is a free desktop software that allows you to easily view your precision farming data.  View supports all types of data from planting to harvest, providing powerful maps and reports that help you make better farm management decisions.

  • View and print maps with legends.
  • Build a list of clients, farms, fields, supplies, and other details.
  • Display and print guidance paths from supported precision farming devices.
  • Compatible with a wide range of precision farming displays including Trimble, Case IH/New Holland, John Deere, Ag Leader, AGCO, CLAAS, and more.
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